The best way to keep yourself motivated and not delay is very simple and we are making it more complex than we need to.


Put simply, to stayed and not reschedule, you:


Follow your passion

  • develop the habit of getting things done however small
  • being present
  • just take action and stop analyzing
  • Follow your passion

 do it with passion

Clearly that if you are passionate about your work, then it won’t feel like work. And you will rarely have issues with motivation and procrastination.


Develop the habit

 Just like building muscles in the gym, your discipline and mental strength is a ‘muscle’. If you are in a habit of always procrastination, then no will help you until you decide you want to change.


So you begin building your discipline by having small wins. That means doing the simple things that you’ve been putting off. The things that don’t take a lot of time. As soon as you begin to do them – you have begun building your discipline.

 best way to keep yourself motivated

Being present

 Being present means living in the moment. You focus on the now. So in your situation, instead of worrying about the 40 tasks you’ve been putting off – you take 1 task and just focus on that.

 Forget about the other tasks. Focus on that one task.  Also read Best three life hacks 

 Live in the moment

Taking action

 Finally, you can study as much as you want. You can read all about motivation and procrastination. But it means nothing until you take action.


Make a list of personal and work related tasks.

  • Pick 1.
  • Shut off from all distractions.
  • And just do it.


Share your experiences with me someday, when this works for you. Also watch Motivate yourself when you are down


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sabinagabriel · May 19, 2016 at 8:06 am

Amazingly well-written and explanatory for a public digital piece of content!
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