Hey There, in this article we are going to take a look at the list of Student Discounts For Developers which are available online and provides by top companies, let’s get started

1. Github Student Developer Pack.

The GitHub Team created an Amazing Pack of tools for Student Developer which will open a lot of learning opportunity absolute at no Cost $0,

Let’s See What Github Student Developer Pack has to offer

1. Atom Editor: An IDE for your Web Related Projects, you can use this tool to build up the tools very quickly, it has extension support which you can use to expand its capabilities

2. Aws Educate: Let you Explore and Learn Amazon Web Services (AWS) with additional benefits($110 in bonus AWS credits )

3. Bitnami: Install cloud applications in a single click, get One Year for free!

4. CARTO: powerful platform for spatial data analysis, visualization, (premium features free for 2 years)

5. CrowdFlower: a platform for data science, where they can get Training data, machine learning, and human-in-the-loop for (AI) artificial intelligence, Platform Access at no cost

6. Datadog: Datadog is a monitoring service for cloud-scale applications, Free for 2 years

7. DigitalOcean: cloud computing platform, designed for developers ($50 in platform credit for new users)

8. Flatiron School: Learn Web Development, Free one-month membership.

9. GitHub: Get Unlimited private repositories while you are a student.

10. GitKraken: a luxurious Git Client, Pro account for 1 user. Free for 1 year

11. HackHands: programming help available 24/7 ($25 Free Credit)

12. Microsoft Imagine: Get Microsoft Azure and developer tools, including the Visual Studio IDE

13.. NameCheap: Get Free One year SSL certificate & One-year domain name on the .me

14. SendGrid: Email infrastructure as a service, Get 15K free emails/month extra

15. Sentry: Track errors in your projects, Get over 500,000 events/month with unlimited projects

16. Stripe: Web and mobile payments.

17. Taplytics: Learn Dynamic A/B testing and much more

18. Thinkful: Learn Fundamentals of Web Development (One month of access)

19. transifex: Localization platform, Get One year free of the Starter plan

20. Travis: Continuous integration platform for open source and private projects

21. Unreal Engine: game development tools

Here is how you can avail the GitHub Student Developer Pack

  1. You Must have either valid student identification card / school-issued email address / other official Proof
  2. Visit this Link by Click Here and complete all the formal process, it would take few minutes to complete and your account benefits will be approved once verified, that would take about 1-2 days.

2. Adobe Creative Cloud:

60% off for students

How you can Avail the 60% off of Adobe Creative Cloud

  1. You must have a school-issued email address / Proof of eligibility:
    • School ID card
    • Report card
    • Transcript
    • Tuition bill or statement
  2.  Click Here to Visit the Adobe Website Student Discount Page

3. Intel® Parallel Studio XE

Intel Parallel Studio XE is a Development Environment for Developers which consist of many tools such as C++ Compiler / Fortran Compiler / Math Kernel Library / Data Analytics Acceleration Library and much more

The Intel Parallel Studio XE is available on Windows, Linux, MacOs

Click here to Visit the Free Tools for Students Page from Intel website

4. Xamarin IDE

Build Native Mobile apps for Android, Windows 10 and iOS using C# using the Xamarin IDE

Click here to visit the Xamarin Student Page, Complete the process, learn and start building Great Mobile apps 🙂

5. Bootstrap Studio: Free for students.

Build Responsive Websites using Bootstrap Framework using Drag and Drop, no code!, it has lots of Built-in Components from Contact Forms, Navigations, Photo Gallery, Slideshows, Login Module and much more

Click Here to Vist the Contact Form of Bootstrap Studio, you would need to contact the team for availing this tool for Free!

6. Unity3D:

Students are offered a yearly license of $100 USD at no Cost, with Unity3D let you learn the Video Game Development and Build the Next Generation of Game.

Click Here to get the Unity Personal

7. Sketch:

Sketch tool is for modern graphic designers, let you create amazing designs

50% off on an educational license, You would need ID card, Enrollment documents for the current academic year, and a valid receipt. Click here to visit Sketch Education Store

8. Axure RP:

Axure RP Helps you to build POWERFUL PROTOTYPES, WITHOUT CODING, it has lot of different in-build tools which helps in creating amazing prototypes very quickly, ranging from Dynamic Content, Conditional flow to animations, data-driven solution, adaptive views and much more!

Free educational license of Axure RP Pro, To avail this, you would need to fill this form and submit the valid proof of registration Click here

9. Vertabelo:

Vertabelo is an online tool for creating visual database design

Free academic accounts for students, to avail this, you would have to create the Academic Account, Click Here to Create Account at Vertabelo

10. Framer:

Framer is the best way to create interactive designs from start to finish, it’s currently available on Mac, and will be launching soon on Windows.

50% off on an educational license. Click here to Open the Account

11. Tower:

Version control with git. Students get a 50% discount. you would need to send a valid Student ID to the sales team to avail this discount Click Here

12. Evernote:

One year of the premium plan for 75% off, Click here to visit the Evernote Student offer Page

13. Microsoft Office 365: Free for students

Get the Complete Microsoft Office 365 Suite for free, you would be required the valid school email id to avail this offer, visit this form and insert your school email id

14. Gwiddle:

Provides hosting for 2 websites, 5 email accounts, 4 MySQL DBs, 4 cron jobs, 1.5GB bandwidth, and 2GB disk space free to verified students. Click here to visit the website

15 RoseHosting

Offers a recurring 20% discount on all their managed Linux VPS and Shared hosting plans when paying monthly. Students can use the discount by applying the coupon code STUDENT20.

By Utilizing these Student Discounts For Developers and getting hands-on experience, you would be learned a lot and probably land a super job 🙂

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Happy Coding!

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