The Best three life hacks that will change your life

1. Meditation : Just for some time in a day and it can do wonders in life. Just stop from fast moving life and look at your steps once.

2.80/20 Rule and 2 minute Rule :
    Concentrate 20% of your time on improvising mind, body and character and rest 80% of time will be very productive and creative.

Eg for 20 % work : Read, Exercise, Meditate, Deep breathing, Day Planning, visualizing, Writing, Helping someone,  Stillness.

2 Minute rule : If you can complete any work in 2 minutes, do it right now, Right NOW!

Eg : washing dish, replying for a mail, folding clothes neatly, calling , etc.

3. Love yourself no matter what ! :
  Just Believe and have faith in yourself even you have seen hundreds of failures, even if you have lost many times. Don’t ever give up and always say I am ready ! And It is Possible!

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