There are multiple ways to get the RSS feed of the website before we start this, let know about RSS a little bit more

What is RSS?

Really Simple Syndication (RSS) also known as “The Web feeds” is a simple file which syndicates the most recent articles on a website. RSS Feeds are a great feature because they are self-updating and can be reused all over the internet to promote your content!, they are public URLs that many websites publish automatically

How to Find RSS Feed of Website?

Method 1: Using Browser
Open Website,
press CTRL+U to view source, then CTRL+F to open find a window and then just type in RSS. RSS Feed URL should appear immediately

Method 2: Browser Extension

Install RSS Subscription Extension (by Google)

Firefox comes with RSS Feeds URL Finder inbuilt in it
Here is how to enable it
Press the Alt key on your keyboard to temporarily show the classic menu bar, then select the Bookmarks menu.

If the site has a feed, the Subscribe to This Page… option will be enabled. Click it

Click Subscribe Now on the page that appears.

Select your folder and click on the Subscribe button

Read more on Firefox, Mozilla article

Now What?

Use Online RSS Reader to stay up to date

I personally use Feedly, so I would recommend it to you, stay updated with your news source


Let me know, what software/online service you use to stay connected with RSS Feeds?

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