Firefox is one of best browser in the world, what makes it’s best it is in Simplicity, Expandability  which we get by installing extensions, Firefox has wide range of Extensions in various different categories,  here are 7 Firefox Extensions for Front-end Developers, Let’s get started

1. Empty Cache Button

Empty Cache Button

Ever Thought why your Design changes aren’t appearing on the screen, it’s because the modern browser save the styles in cache, with this Firefox extension it’s easier cache clearing with just a press of a button or f9 Keyboard shortcut which comes very handy, Install Empty Cache Button

2. DevTools

Firefox DevTools

DevTools now comes in build-in with Firefox and offers varieties of tools for the developers and its divided into 6 sections, such as Creating, Exploring and debugging, Mobile, Performance, Debugging the browser & Extending the dev tools. Press F12 Key on Firefox Browser to Explore

3. Font Finder (revived)

Font Finder

This is a must-have extension for designers, developers, and typographers, it helps in exploring which font is used as you can see in the screenshot above, it gives us vital amount of information such as Font Color, Background Color, Font Family, Font Size, Line-height, vertical-align, letter and word spacing, and much more!, Install Font Finder

4. Awesome Screenshot Plus

Awesome Screenshot Plus

You Might work with a team on a particular project and you notice some bugs in the design, with this screenshot tool, you can easily annotate and take the screenshot of the screen and securely shared with your team, with just matter of seconds. Install Awesome Screenshot Plus

5. Web Developer

Web Developer

As a web developer, you always need this plugin, it offers a bunch of tools for all your front-end work, Install Web Developer

6. ColorZilla


ColorZilla is a very helping tool for Designers, Developers, it offers various features from Advance Color Picker, CSS Gradient Generator, Palette Viewer, Web page Color Analyzer to the Complete Color History and much more. Install ColorZilla



As a Developer, I’m sure you will be knowing and working with REST,  Services, RESTED is a new take on rest clients for Firefox. Install RESTED

These are 7 Firefox Extensions for Front-end Developers, which are very useful, Do you know of any other Extensions for Front-end Developers which is very useful? Share your recommendations in the comments below.

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Happy Coding!

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