There are lot of social media sites out there, among them there are some famous social media sites such as Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Pinterest & YouTube, when you post pictures, or ads on these platforms, There are some fixed size specifications which need to be followed, so in this article we are going to look at Social Media Cheat Sheet for designers, let’s get started

1) Facebook

Facebook is considered to be the best social network for the brand because it is the first one that brand joined. brands can easily update their page and share photos with their audience paid advertisement on Facebook has become a very successful piece of what Facebook can offer

Facebook Sizes Information for Designers

Profile Picture Size: 180px X 180px

Cover Photo: 820px X 312px

Images Thumbnails on the Left side: 150px X 150px

Shard Image: 1200px X 630px

Shared Link: 1200px X 627px

Images/Video Large Thumbnails on left side: 319px X 176px

Shared Video: 500px X 252px

Let’s see about the Facebook Ads

URL AD: 100px X 72px image along with 90 characters (Max)

Page AD: 50 x 50 (px) image along with 90 characters (Max)

2) Google Plus

Google Plus is essential for brands because it is linked to Google SEO, Google Plus is a place of passionate people where Brands can share Article, Google Plus can link to your other more active profiles which make for a fully positive and visual feed

Google Plus Sizes Information for Designers

Cover Image: 1080 x 608 (px)

Profile Picture 250×250 (px)

Sharable Link: 150×150 (px) Thumbnails along with Link Title & Link URL

Shared Image: 2048×2048 (px) Maximum Upload, Preview size would be 497x373px

Shared Video Preview Size: 497×279 (px)

3) Twitter

Twitter is a conversational platform where brands can fast interact with their audience.

Twitter Sizes Information for Designers

Display Picture: 400×400 (px)

Cover Picture: 1500×1500 (px)

Profile Pic on Tweet: 48×48 (px)

Sharable Link Image: 60×60 (px)

Shared Image: 590×295 (px)

Shared Video: 483×274 (px)

4) Instagram

Instagram is an Internet-based photo-sharing application where users can share pictures and videos

Instagram Sizes Information for Designers

Profile Picture: 110×110 (px)

Title: 100 Characters

Biography: 150 Characters

Images on Grid: 161×161 (px)

Maximum Image Preview Size: 1080x1080px

Some Points be noted here

  • Instagram still scales these photos down to 612x612px
  • Appear in feed at 510×510 px
  • Square or rectangle photos: make sure to maintain an aspect ratio between 1.91:1 and 4:5 ratio
  • Smaller featured header images appear as 204×204 px and larger featured header images appear as 409×409 px

5) Linkedin

LinkedIn is a social networking service which provides opportunity Finding the right job which begins with your connections

Linkedin Sizes Information for Designers

Cover Photo: 646×220 px

Profile Photo: 400×400 px

  • Minimum 200×200 px
  • Maximum file size 10MB
  • Image types include


Right Side Section (People also viewed)

50×50 px


Shared Link

Thumbnail: 100×80 px along with Description 230 characters

Hero Image: 974×330 px

Product: Thumbnail:100×80 px with Description 2000 characters

6) Pinterest

Pinterest is full of possibilities which help users and brand to discover each other

Pinterest Sizes Information for Designers

Profile Picture: 165×165 px

Title: 100 characters

Description: 200 characters

Board Display: 222×150 px Large Thumbnail & 55×55 px small thumbnail

Board pins: 22x scalded height (auto)

Pins: 236px

7) Youtube

YouTube is an amazing video-sharing website

Youtube Sizes Information for Designers

Profile Avatar: 800 x 800px

Header Photo: 2560 x 1440px

Video Size: 1920×1080


Youtube Also Supports Video up to 4K.


So this was the complete social media cheat sheet for the designers with going to help you to design the images at the proper sizes hope you got some amazing helpful information see you again in the next post share this content with your designer friends so they also know about this.

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