What is the GST Bill? What does it mean to you and me?

The Good and Services tax in the biggest indirect tax reform since 1947 and it has potential to lead the economic integration of India.

So, In this presentation we had explained

What is GST ?, History, Benefits to Trades, Manufactures, Consumers, The impact and relevance

Lets See:

how is GST Levied? GST will be levied on the place of consumption of Goods and services. It can be levied on :

  • Intra-state supply and consumption of goods & services
  • Inter-state movement of goods
  • Import of Goods & Services

Presentation Given at Padma Coaching Classes

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Amit K Khanchandani
Karan Valecha
Akshay Kripalani
Bhavesh Nathani
Sagar Lahori

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